Economy Notes

Below, I've started creating a list of factors that influence running economy. Here, I'll define economy as the steady state O2 consumption required to maintain a given running velocity. This list is more of an open note that I intend to periodically update and modify as I, and we, learn more about running economy. As you can see, there are quite a few factors that can influence economy. Let me know if you think of any others!

  • Strength/plyometric training
  • Stiffness/flexibility
  • Training volume
  • Altitude training
Pace/Power output
  • Substrate utilization
  • Training specificity
Running Form

Mitochondrial quality
  • Uncoupling proteins
  • Influence of training
  • Heritable
Substrate availability (O2 & CHO)
  • More economical to burn CHO
  • More economical when O2 availability is limited
  • Fatigue
    • VO2 slow component
Motor unit activation - number and "type"
  • Fatigue
    • VO2 slow component
  • Body mass distribution
    • Ankle/wrist circumference
  • Tendon length
  • Largely heritable
  • Fat mass
  • Shoe weight
  • Coefficient of restitution
Running surface
  • Coefficient of restitution
Connective tissue type/amount
  • Titin

  • Cardiac drift

  • Nitrate or NO precursors, Beetroot juice, etc.
  • Diet
  • Muscle damage
  • CdA
    • Wind speed/direction
    • Air density
  • Drafting


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