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Powerman Zofingen World Championship

Third time's a charm. This is the third time I've sat down to write about Powerman Zofingen. The first time, weeks before the race, I started writing about my goals for the race: A Goal: Podium B Goal: Top 5 C Goal: Top 10 Before I could publish that, I thought I strained my calf - and the whole trip to Europe was in question for about a week.  So, the second time I started writing about Powerman, I was writing about the injury and how sorry I was feeling for myself... Before I could publish that, my calf started feeling a lot better. Now that the race is over, I don't have any excuse not to publish this blog. Brass Tacks I finished 6th in 6:25:52 and I nearly met my "B Goal." I'm very happy with the result - I had a good day out there, but there is room for improvement. Suffering through and finishing the race was immensely satisfying, but the process; the preparation was something more. Link to the results with spli