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Fools and Fanatics

I'm not a philosopher, but I know as a coach, trainer, or athlete - it helps to have some core beliefs. Without those, how do you justify your approach? How do you formulate workouts, season plans or adapt to changing circumstances? How do you make any decisions? You have to believe a certain approach can lead you to a certain result. And hopefully those beliefs are rooted in something - education, personal experiences, literature, observations, etc. I like to think there is something of a "Spectrum of Belief" or spectrum of coaching styles.   On one end, a coach or athlete believes there is one absolute best way to train for an event. On the other, the individual believes nothing matters - decisions in training or training itself makes no difference. I think good coaches reside in the middle of this theoretical spectrum. They are able to make decisions based on their knowledge and experiences  - believing those decisions will lead them and their athletes in the right d