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Year-End Review

In college, my coach required every athlete to recap each season with a goal review. The goal review was an opportunity to assess your season - if you met your goals, why or why not, and set or adjust your goals for next season. They weren't always performance goals - they were also academic, spiritual, social, etc. But at the end of each season, you reflected on your progress, gave yourself an honest evaluation, and made plans for moving forward. It keeps you accountable, but it's also a very cathartic process. It's been a few years since undergrad, but I still find value in writing goal reviews. I attribute much of my success in the past year to having made goals at the end of 2016. I'll admit, I don't always write out my goal reviews, but I want to this year - I have a lot to review and plan. I feel like sharing this with others will help keep me accountable - but one great thing about a blog is - if you don't want to read my self-centered, narcissist ram